A-Z FREE Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial for Beginners 2020 | How to Create a Profitable Store

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0:00:23 Choosing a Name
0:01:14 Creating a Domain
0:01:27 Create a Shopify Account
0:06:20 How to Navigate on Shopify | What are the side panels?
0:11:01 Connect Oberlo
0:12:10 How to use Oberlo to Search for Products
0:14:15 How to choose the most Cost-Effective Product
0:16:35 How to Import from AliExpress to Shopify using Oberlo
0:24:16 How to Title your products
0:25:14 How to Remove Varients From Shopify Products
0:26:07 How to write Descriptions
0:26:07 Scroll down here to Edit Product SEO
0:36:56 How to Price Products
0:39:06 How to Add weight to a Product
0:43:17 How to choose a Shopify Theme
0:53:01 How to Create a Discount Code / Give Discounts
0:46:08 Where to find FREE Commercial-Free Stock Images
0:47:06 How to Create a home page
1:00:49 How to add a parcel tracking page
1:04:49 How to Create Logo / Brand Recognition
1:08:23 How to Create a Contact Page
1:10:03 How to add a Shipping Q&A page
1:14:46 How to Create a Return Policy Page
1:17:45 Shopify Terms and Conditions Generator
1:20:15 Shopify Privacy Policy Generator
1:22:39 How to edit Footer Menus
1:24:40 How to Link Social Media
1:26:55 How to remove Powered By Shopify using Liquid Code
1:27:48 Changing store name and General Settings
1:28:27 How to Edit Order Format
1:28:56 How to Set Up Payment Fields / Third Party Providers
1:34:00 How to Set Up Shipping for Domestic and Worldwide
1:37:32 How to Set up Shipping for an Individual Product
1:40:05 How to Pay Taxes
1:40:24 How to Edit Order Confirmation Email Code / Coding
1:40:24 How to Set Up Order Confirmation Email Automations
1:42:11 How to Set Up Shopify Gift Cards
1:42:23 How to Access Photo Files of your Store
1:42:40 How to Add Sales Channels
1:42:53 How to Set Up Staff Accounts
1:43:35 How to Change Store Language
1:43:50 How to Check Shopify Billing / Choose a Shopify Plan
1:43:58 How to Set up Refund Policy
1:44:32 How to Set Up Store / Site Title and Meta Description
1:45:14 How to add Social Sharing Image
1:45:32 How to Add Google Analytics to Shopify Store
1:45:39 How to Add Facebook Pixel to Shopify Store
1:45:41 How to change Store password
1:45:56 How to Create Shopify Blog Post
1:46:14 How to Create Shopify Page
1:46:20 How to Create Menu and Edit Navigation
1:46:23 How to Buy a Domain on Shopify and Edit API
1:46:53 How to import Aliexpress Reviews with Judge.me
1:48:22 How to connect Facebook Messenger to your Store
1:49:25 How to Translate your Shopify Store
1:53:18 How to Add and Customize Sticky Cart Bar and Button / Badge
1:54:50 How to Integrate Auto Currency Converter
1:56:34 How to show your products on Search Bar with CloudSearch

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