Arcade 2015: PRESS START | Skins Trailer – League of Legends

Collect your quarters and press start to play with the new Arcade League of Legends skins. Journey back to a golden age with new Battle Boss Blitzcrank, Final Boss Veigar, Arcade Hecarim, Arcade Sona, Arcade Riven, and Arcade Miss Fortune skins. For more arcade glory, visit:

Or to snag an Arcade Hecarim of your very own, follow this link:

Battle Boss Blitzcrank: Welcome to Arcade, puny humans.

Arcade Riven: Don’t call them puny, you rust bucket!

Arcade Hecarim: Yeah, Blitzcrank! What are you anyways? Leftover parts from action figures someone couldn’t sell at a garage sale?

Battle Boss Blitzcrank: Rainbow Pony, I see science finally discovered how to splice a pinball table and a horse together.

Arcade Sona: ….

Arcade Miss Fortune: I have laser guns! Pew pew pew.

Final Boss Veigar: Your lasers have no power over me! I am all-powerful!

Arcade Miss Fortune: Pew pew pew!

Final Boss Veigar: Stop that!

Arcade Sona: ….