Best RUNNING LEGGINGS Try-On Haul | Lululemon, Nasty Fit, & AMAZON Leggings (Colourfulkoala)

Hello everyone!
Today, I wanted to share the best running leggings. I learned a lot while training for my half marathon this past February. It has taken me some time to figure out what leggings are my perfect running legging! I hope this helps! Below are my measurements as well as the links to the leggings.

Thanks so much for watching!!

Ashli Nykole 💜

Amazon leggings:

Colorfulkoala Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants 7/8 Length Leggings with Pockets – Forest Green (medium)

Colorfulkoala Women’s Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants Full-Length Leggings – Grey (Medium)

Nasty Fit Contour Leggings – Black/Grey Contour Leggings (medium)

Lululemon Wunder Under 28″ (size 6 )

Hips: 43
Waist: 31
Bust: 36

Canon M50