Chub Rub Remedies

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect chub rub solution but that means I’ve tried a bunch of them…I hope that all my trial and error will help someone!

MONISTAT Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel

Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick Unscented 1.75 oz

New-Skin Anti-Chafing Spray (the one I threw away)

TRISLIDE Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant (the other one I threw away!)

NO SWEAT BUNDLE! with Anti-Monkey Butt Powder 6 oz. and Fresh Balls Lotion 3.4 oz.

Silky Underwear Powder


SPANX nude fishnets

Different patterns of black fishnets

JKY Jockey Slipshort (I’ve gotten these Target ones and they’re good)

But here are the OG Skimmies which do cost more