COMPRESSION STOCKINGS- How to keep them up !!

Stockings may increase circulation problems if not worn properly.
Diabetic patients are at particular risk of ischemia from improperly worn stockings.

1.)What I want you to understand is that you are wearing compression stockings for a serious purpose-you have vascular insufficiency.

2.) If you are diabetic you are especially prone to vascular complications

3.) Everything can be made better if you allow your stocking to properly do it’s job.

Let me preface by saying that I already assume you have been prescribed the correct compression rating. That is also important.

There are two basic types of full length compression stkgs. 1) Panty hose, 2) Thigh high
They each have their place.
There are many brands and different qualities of stockings. They fall into two broad categories:
1) those for post op recovery 1-3months maximum.- the less expensive stockings
2) Those for long term use. Most expensive, e.g. Sigvaris 500 rubber series. I use the 503T series with no silicone beads and open toe. I order the shorter of the two sizes listed for my leg size. Over time they will stretch up to 6″. These stocking run about $120 from Ames dot com. up to $160 or more from ‘other’ companies.
My medicare reimburses me about $31 on each pair.

Known as the “Gold” standard in the industry, Sigvaris stockings are built tough. And the best thing is that if you are wearing them with shorts for jogging nobody will mistake you for something else. One look and passerby’s will be saying “he probably was injured in the military” and they may salute you.
Others will think you are a “medical problem” and they will feel deep sympathy for you. Wear them with honor.

For women with sensitive skin the garter belt method may be best.
For men use the glue method. Glue will keep the stocking in place all day and accommodate constant movements without failing.

The glue is a naturally derived compound. Some people may be allergic to it so test it twice before you decide. A standard 2oz bottle will last about 1-2 months. I pay under $6 per bottle by the dozen.

ADVANTAGES: Easy to apply/water washable/Effective

DISADVANTAGES: The glue may damage lower quality stockings/ possible skin irritation

If you wear stockings properly you will get a noticeable improvement in your circulation.