DIY Plus Size Thigh Highs Using Repurposed Tights – Quick & Easy Tutorial

Looking for plus size thigh highs but can’t quite find the right fit? We’ve got you covered! This tutorial will show you how to DIY comfortable thigh highs using repurposed tights.

The original idea was crowdsourced by our very own fans and customers and we know you’ll love it.

What you’ll need:
1) Tights
2) Clear nail polish
3) Scissors
4) Thread
5) Sewing pins
6) Elastic band
7) Marker

Quick steps:
1) Mark and cut your tights as desired
2) Cut and pin the elastic band
3) Sew the band into a loop
4) Pin the band unto the tights
5) Sew the band and the tights together

Pro tips:
1) Using our Microfiber tights? Cut with confidence knowing they have 6X the stretch power and run-proof material.
2) To get the best fit, wrap the elastic band around your thigh and stretch it as tight as you want it to be when worn.
3) If you’re not an expert sewer, we recommend using a separate garter belt instead of an elastic band. You can get one from our friends at Sock Dreams:

Follow the step-by-step instructions and start sporting your own colorful creation today!

And if you need advice, have questions, or simply want help getting the perfect face mask fit, our team of colorful professionals is happy to assist you.

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