EC3D 3D Pro Compression Tights: How To Put On & Use | Realigntech

EC3D 3D Pro Compression Tights provide continuous support, stability and alignment to the leg muscles and are designed for all sports. In this instructional video, EC3D demonstrates how to put on and use the EC Pro Compression Tights. Follow these easy steps below:

1. Select your size using the EC3D size chart at the following link:
2. Measure your calf, thigh and hips at the widest circumference to determine your size
3. To slide on easily, start by gathering one side of the tights at the base of your foot. Place the rounded area on the heel while placing comfortably at the edge of the tights, at the base of the toes.
4. Slowly pull the garment toward the knees. While pulling up, make sure the place the second rounded area over the knee cap.
5. Pull the garment all the way to the waist, lifting and stretching as you go.

EC3D 3D Pro Compression Tights are scientifically proven to help decrease lactic acid in the blood during training. The targeted compression zones in the EC3D 3D Pro Compression Tights maximize blood flow and increase performance, endurance and strength. They are designed to improve performance and to support key muscles from high-intensity interval training. EC3D 3D Pro Compression Tights help prevent risk of injury and offer faster recovery.

They are by far the most complete lower body compression garments on the market. Achieve greater agility, control and precision without restricting your movements.

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