GymShark Leggings Vs Lululemon Leggings // In-depth Try On Review

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I am not an affiliate with any of these brands. These items were not sent to me and I am not being paid anything. I spent my own money on these leggings and wanted to share them with you (:
All of my leggings are in a size small/4 for reference.
Feel free to leave any questions down in the comments!

Where to Find Them: (Some of these items are sold out but check websites frequently for restocks. I will also try to let you know when I hear of these things on my Insta so make sure you’re following!).
♡ Lululemon All the Right Places:

♡ GymShark Sculpture:

♡ GymShark Sculpture Crop:

♡ Lululemon Wunder Under:

♡ GymShark Fit:

♡ Lululemon Fleece Please:

♡ GymShark Impulse: