How do I choose compression stockings?How to finding the Right Compression Sock for You? TXG EP 16

TXG Healthcare News Interviewing Dr. Liu (EP 16)

How do I choose compression stockings?
How to finding the Right Compression Sock for You ?
What type of compression socks should i buy?
What length of compression stockings should I choose?

Varicose compression socks are generally divided into three types: knee high, thigh high and pantyhose. What kind of symptoms is suitable for which length?
If it’s just prevention and health care in general, there are mild symptoms of swelling, itching and numbness,at the beginning, we would suggest wearing knee high socks.
Because people who wear thigh compression stockings have symptoms that have spread to the thighs,therefore, it is recommended to wear thigh high stockings, in the case of patients who have gone up to the perineum or the groin and lower abdomen, we would recommend wearing pantyhose.
For patients after surgery, if you have varicose veins in your thighs, we usually recommend wearing tights high stockings,because of the weaving and structural problems of the thigh socks,It is easy to slip when worn, so it is usually added with silicone rubber, but some patients may be allergic due to the long-term airtight of silicone .
So we suggest that if there is only varicose vein in the calf after the surgery,you can buy knee high compression stockings and if the varicose vein has extended to the thigh, i suggest wearing pantyhose , which will be more complete for the overall treatment.