How to make leggings- DIY Tutorial

In this video tutorial I teach you how to use a pair of leggings you already have to create a pattern that you will then use to create a brand new pair of leggings. We do not need to cut open the existing pair you have. This technique is very simple and great for sewing beginners.

{For fashion & styling of DIY and store bought clothes check out my friend, Mimi G of She has amazing tutorials and patterns and an impeccable sense of style!}

•Where to purchase materials•
Stretch fabric for leggings:
Sewing machine used in video:
Sewing pattern drafting paper:
Rotary cutter:
Cutting mat:
Polyester thread:

In this DIY leggings tutorial I just show one way of making a pair of stretch pants. There are dozens of different ways to do everything in sewing especially when it comes to garment sewing. I tried to keep this instructional video short, concise and as basic as I could in order to encourage you beginners out there! Making your own clothes doesn’t have to take forever and be super complex. Just start small and simple with a project like this one and work your way up to fancier pieces.

Thanks for watching!

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