How to Measure Your Trouser Size

Buying trousers for men can be surprisingly difficult, owing to the number of options available along with the sizing difficulty. So, in this video, we will be giving you a few tips to help you measure yourself correctly. All you need is a pair of accurate measuring tape and a person to help you with the measurements.
Pro tip – When taking measurements, ensure that you are wearing tight-fitting men trousers to get the exact number.
1.Waist – Wrap the tape around the section of the waist where you normally wear your trouser pants for men. This section would be below your natural waistline and belly button.
2.Hips – To measure your hips, stand straight and wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips. Normally, this spot is normally around seven inches below the waist.
3.Inseam – To know your inseam length, measure the area between the crotch of the formal trousers and the hemline.
4.Thigh – To measure your thigh, wrap the tape around the upper section of your thigh. This section is normally a couple of inches above your knee.
5.Front Rise – To know the front rise, measure from the centre of the waistband of your pant to the crotch of your pant.
Once you are confident you have the correct measurements, use the size chart on Myntra to compare the numbers and finalise on the correct size. While shopping for trousers for men, ensure you keep a close eye on the size chart mentioned as they differ from brand to brand.
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