How to Prevent Chafe, Chub Rub and Thigh Rub in the Heat with Alysse from @ReadyToStare

Our friend Alysse, @readytostare, recently went to Las Vegas for her Bachelorette party. While there they tried the Chub Rub All Natural Formula to help prevent Chafe, Chub Rub or Thigh Rub and had great success using the product in the extreme heat of the desert.

Watch Alysse’s recap to see how she and her group were able to prevent chafing and chub rub during their trip to Las Vegas.

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Alysse is a very influential plus size blogger that writes reviews and gives input to various topics on body positivity and plus size fashion news and events. Her blog, IG channel and YouTube channel @readytostare are followed by nearly 100,000 viewers and her expertise in this area is extensive.

If you are looking to take a trip to a warm climate where chafing and thigh rub are common, consider taking the All Natural Chub Rub Anti Chafe Stick with you so you can have the freedom to do what you want in the heat.