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When pictures started moving and the first silk stockings came into fashion, they were knights in shining armour — repairing needles caught runs to help repair precious stockings. A principle which still proves invaluable for all kinds of knitwear. Whether you knit, discover a hole in your favourite sweater or wear trendy tights — escaping stitches no longer stand a chance with the ergonomically formed mending needle from Prym Consumer. The mini latch hook at the tip securely catches any runs and leaves no trace of their undoing. Thanks to their practical help, even a pulled thread now quickly disappears to the inside of the knitted garment. The mending needle was this year’s winner of the red dot design award for its form and functionality. The non-slip handle provides a good grip for precision handling. Its transparent, purple cap makes it a true eye-catcher and can even be worn around the neck to be ready to hand at any time.

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