How to wear Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins – SORGEN Royale Class 1 Thigh Length (AGH)

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This video will guide you how to wear the Sorgen Royale Class 1 Thigh length compression stockings.

•The SORGEN Royale range of compression stockings are available in an eco-friendly zip pouch.
•Contents inside the pouch are 1 pair of compression stockings, 1 glider, instruction manual and registration card.
•Take out the glider from the pouch and wear it on your leg.
•Now take the stocking in your hand with its heal facing down. Put your hand inside the stocking facing your palm upwards.
•Hold the stocking top in the other hand and pull down turning stocking inside-out stopping at the heel.
•Remove your hand from inside leaving stocking foot inside.
•Stretch the stocking sideways at the heel.
•Slide your foot into the stocking. (Be sure that the heel is in the centre of the stocking heel).
•Make sure that the heel of the stocking coincide with your heel.
•Grasping the top of the stocking, pull over the ankle, continue up the leg.
•Adjust and straighten the stocking, making it fit smoothly as you go up and remove wrinkles if any.
•After successfully wearing the stocking, simply pull the glider out.
•It is advisable to keep in mind the following tips while wearing your compression stockings:
•Use of talcum powder is recommended for smooth and easy wear.
•Please refrain wearing your stockings with long finger and toe nails as they might damage the stockings.
•Please remove any kind of jewellery, such as rings, bangles, anklets, etc while wearing your compression stockings.

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