KEVVI Compression Stockings Thigh High | Silicone Band for Women & Men 20-30 mmHg Graduated Support

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80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Machine Wash
✅ KEVVI compression stockings women & men. Provide graduated compression to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, made of comfortable material and careful construction for the entire leg. Help to prevent and relieve symptoms of spider veins or mild varicose veins, leg & ankle swelling, edema, tired aching legs. Excellent compression pantyhose for post surgical use, durable with a fashionable look, classy beige color. 20-30 mmhg compression stockings thigh high will work with your routine.
✅ KEVVI thigh high compression stockings 20-30 are washable designed with HIGH QUALITY FABRIC, built for durability to provide amazing comfort. This pair is an amazing pregnancy maternity product! Use on the 9-15 hour plane flights or during that 6-10 mile walk in the Park. are made of very comfortable material: 80% Nylon, 20% spandex to make the thigh shrinker. KEVVI is hg compression socks can serve as Sport Compression Socks and provide athletic fit plus STYLE AND CONFIDENCE ON YOUR LEGS!
✅ KEVVI Class II High Tight Knee length stockings graduated compression thereby exerting maximum pressure at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf and thigh, helps the flow of the blood back to the heart relieving pain, fatigue, and swelling of the feet, friendly to skin. Closed toe design relieves foot pressure and pain, promoting feet health. For all genders: Men & Women thigh high socks purpose, thigh high compression stockings. KEVVI UNISEX firm compression thigh high stockings.
✅ KEVVI medical thigh high compression stockings closed toe for legs, not your abdomen. MULTI – PURPOSE USE: Pregnancy, Such as Nurse and Nursing, Flight, Sport, Teacher and Traveler. Compression stockings 20-30 Suitable for people who need to stand long hours. Helps in treatment of moderate to severe edema or lymphatic edema & lymphedema. Best compression sock for circulation support: KEVVI Elevation Graduated. Maternity Knee Highs, Ultra sheer Maternity Pantyhose 15-20 mmHg Moderate Support.
✅ KEVVI are SIGNIFICANTLY DISCOUNTED but Look And Feel Like High End Brands. Best Price on the market. Use it every day night or both. You can see the difference by simply wearing it only a few hours a day. Easy to put on! The secret trick: is to wet your fingers so it’s easier to grab and pull the stockings up. You can wear them all day even under leggings or jeans or show on your sexy legs under your skirt. We’ll only provide you with the finest product and service around or your MONEY BACK!