Lightweight Utility Leggings by Carhartt [Review]

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I won’t lie that I was late to the legging game but once I showed up, there was no turning back. About 2 years ago I started wearing leggings for any outdoor activities and that slowly morphed into me wearing them all day every day for anything. There’s always been one thing that I’ve not worn leggings for and that’s for work. I just never felt like I wanted to ruin an expensive pair of leggings while working (I get dirty, my work clothes get destroyed). I’ve been so happy to try out Carhartt’s Force Utility Leggings and Force Lightweight Utility Leggings. Not only are these leggings comfortable, but they are also going to withstand the abuse that I throw at them. 

There are a few noticeable differences between the Utility and the Lightweight Utility but the biggest difference is in the weight of the material. The Utility Leggings are built with a 10-ounce poly-spandex blend whereas the Lightweight Utility Leggings are built with an 8.5-ounce poly-spandex blend. I would say there is a noticeable difference between the two and if you’re out working in hot temps you will definitely want to opt for the lightweight version. I’m excited to have both because I can use one pair for winter and one for summer. Even on cooler summer days, the Utility Leggings are still fine. While there are pockets on both the Utility and Lightweight Utility Leggings, the Utility Leggings have abrasion-resistant reinforcement in the knee area. What a genius idea! I would never kneel in a pair of regular leggings because they would tear or rip so easily. I do kind of like the burly look of the Utility Leggings with the reinforced knee. They kind of shout I’m here to work hard but I’m going to be comfortable and cute while I do it. 

If you know me, you’ll know that comfort for me comes before anything else and I don’t think I’ve ever had a more comfortable work pant. I do have to wear long pants for work, no matter what the outdoor temperature is, and so having a pair of comfortable pants that move with, not against me, no matter how much I’m sweating, is key! While these stretch like a normal legging, the material is a bit more robust and definitely more durable than your average legging material. I do like where the leggings sit on my hips and really appreciate the wide waistband. One thing I’d like to see is that the elastic strip inside the waistband, be as thick as the waistband itself – if this makes sense. I feel like it creates kind of a weird line but I also may be overthinking it. 

Pants for me are always a sore subject when it comes to fit. I’m typically a size 6/8 in pants or a medium in leggings. I’m 5’10 and 150 pounds. I went with a size medium in both the Utility and Lightweight Utility and I almost think I could’ve gotten away with a small. There is a little bit of extra material and I don’t feel like these leggings hold me in (you get this feeling, right?). Luckily for you these are both available on Amazon and if you’re a Prime Member you’ll get free return shipping so you can try em in a couple of different sizes. I went with a regular inseam even though they are offered in a tall and I’m glad I did because the cuff sits perfectly with my work boots and I don’t have a ton of extra material (which would also be hot).

I love all the pocket options on both the Utility Leggings and the Lightweight Utility Leggings but my favorite hands down is the zipper thigh pocket on the Lightweight Utilities. It is the perfect place for my phone and I know it’s secure with the zipper and it also won’t get in my way no matter which way I move. There’s also a nice little loop on the Lightweight Utility Leggings which is perfect for a glove clip or anything else you need to hang off your hip. 

If you’re looking for a way to up your level of comfort while you’re hard at work, the Utility Leggings or Lightweight Utility Leggings are what you need in your life. They are ultra-comfortable, durable, and made for women who work. They’re a flattering fit without giving up function and you’ll feel cute even if you’re dripping with sweat, working hard, and getting dirty. These are more affordable than most leggings and I bet they’ll last longer too!

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