Tips for Compression Stockings, Socks, and Shoes

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In this video, I show some tips and tricks for donning/doffing compression stockings, socks and shoes. Make sure to check out my free 30-Day Exercise Programs I made custom for you! 🙂

Please know that this video has NO sponsored products! Nor, do any of the products sponsor me, my channel or this video…. This is just me- as an Occupational Therapist- wanting to show some of the tips and tricks that I have found helpful over the years

While I am hesitant to recommend products (products don’t work for everyone)…. below are a few of the products I have found success with over the years. There are different companies that provide.

Donning Aide Lubricant: 

Easy Slides: Open Toed Stockings:

Closed Toed Stockings: 

Don N’ Doffer:

Dressing Stick:


Foot Funnel: 

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Photo by fotografierende from Pexels