Unboxing Tights: GAMBETTES box JANUARY | OnThatAss: Sukaj

💗In this video I’m UNBOXING a GAMBETTES box and ONTHATASS boxer short (Sukaj). In the Gambettes Box we usually receive 2 pairs of tights. Sometimes there’s something extra like a bag, clutch or dress. The tights are always made in Italy and designed in France. And the man boxershort from OnThatAss has the most creative designs with sometimes a little sticker as bonus. They are both monthly subscriptions. 💗Referral code: FRIEND14485 (€3 discount on your first order on 💗Please consider subscribing for more unboxing video’s!

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On this channel I’m unboxing my subscription boxes and advent calendars. I really love make up unboxing (actually any present unboxing🎁). I have a subscription to Goodiebox Netherlands, Gambettes Box and of course annually I buy a few advent calendars. From my boxes I have a stash of the make-up which I use, give to people I love or simply store the unopened items for the future.

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